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Life is a Balancing Act - a fun book!

Life is a Balancing Act … a fun book is a beautifully beautifully illustrated gift book that offers 66 versatile ideas for juggling work and play, friends and family, heart and soul, and mind and body in this balancing act we call life. The ideas are practical and often whimsical. Many of the ideas may sound familiar but may, in fact, have become forgotten or lost in your day-to-day busy life. As you read Let the Music Move You, Calm Yourself with Candles, Keep a Journal and Value Daily Rituals, you will realize that Life is a Balancing Act…a fun book is a gift book not only for yourself but one you will enjoy giving to those whose life quality you want to improve. A quality life is truly a balancing act!

Some of the ideas in Life is a Balancing Act…a fun book will inspire you emotionally while others might tug on your purse strings instead of your heart strings. Some ideas will make you laugh and some will make you reflect on your life. There is something for everyone – ideas that don’t break the bank and activities that beat the clock!

A variety of interactive exercises are also included to help you focus, visualize the bottom line, and provide quantifiable measurement for easy step-by-step success. Your Balance Inventory will help you realize just how many things you already do for yourself while your Balance Wish List will help you determine which ideas “spoke” to you and begged to be tried. Your Daily Balance Sheet will hold you accountable in an easily organized way and your Strategic Balance Plan will help you integrate your Balance Wish List into your life.

Life is a Balancing Act …a fun book has been beautifully illustrated by Janet Jaffke. If Janet’s name sounds familiar that is because she is the creative force behind the Life is a Balancing Act website design. Janet’s illustrations truly show off her many creative talents.

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Here are a few sample pages from Life is a Balancing Act…a fun book

Dress Up

Balancing Act Book Illustration

Forget your blue jeans, spandex leggings, or day-to-day business attire.

Take out your party dress or dressy outfit and dress to the nines.

Whether for a wedding or just for kicks, accessorize with that funky jewelry, glittery eye shadow, new shade of lipstick, and a dab of perfume.

Look in the mirror and smile at your pretty self.

Now go out and have a good time!

Phone a Friend

Balancing Act Book Illustration

You may not win a million dollars, but you will feel like a million bucks!

Who but a good friend knowsjust how to make you laugh or lets you bare all without judging you?

Sometimes simply hearing their voice is just what the doctor ordered.

Phone a friend and they will be pleased when they phone too!

Go For a Walk

Go For a WalkOn the beach, in your neighborhood, scattering leaves in the woods, or in a light misting rain.

Appreciate your surroundings on the balls of your feet instead of the seat of your pants.

Be good to your feet and wear appropriate shoes.

Be good to your heart and increase the pace.

Push the stroller, walk the dog, think, or talk

Alone or with company, enjoy the view and have fun too!

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