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Debbie Lessin, Owner Life is a Balancing Act, Inc.

Life is a Balancing Act – the live act is the interactive workshop that Debbie has created toaddresses the important life balance issues that are part of each of our busy day-to-day lives. How important is this issue? A recent America at Work study indicated that 88% of workers say that the struggle to balance work and personal lives is their biggest issue.

Life is a Balancing Act provides practical advice on how to make balance a regular part of your day-to-day life. You will become acquainted with all the components of the life balance wheel: Social, Spiritual, Physical Environment, Professional, Emotional, Health, Friends & Family and Financial. Not only will you examine the many things competing for your time and energy but you will establish goals and priorities and design a personal action plan for implementation.This informative and enlightening presentation will open your eyes and encourage you look at your life in an individualized, personal way. There are no quick fixes or right answers to solving the life balance dilemma. It would be great if it were that easy. But it is important to be conscious of your life choices and options. Long after Life is a Balancing Act ends, your mind will continue to process all that you have heard.

Life is a Balancing Act is a perfect breakout session/training workshop for your organization’s meeting and/or conference. The workshop lasts approximately one hour depending on the time allowed for questions and audience participation. A longer seminar can also be specially designed to meet your needs. The presentation is a unique break from a long day of technical or educational seminars.

Debbie Lessin has been speaking to and writing for business audiences since 1990 imparting practical and understandable advice on a wide range of business, entrepreneurial and financial topics

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 Debbie on the Air

Salim Omar of CPA Marketing Genius interviews Debbie Lessin, CPA on “Creating a Life of Balance”.  CPA Marketing Genius helps clients discover how to attract high quality clients, work less hours and achieve financial independence.  What a better person for Salim to interview than the Balance Lady herself, Debbie Lessin!

For a transcript of this audio recording please contact Salim Omar.

Client Feedback

Northern Indiana Brass Foundry Co.

To Whom It May Concern,

I hired Debbie Lessin to present her interactive workshop “Life is a Balancing Act” to our women employees for International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2013. We had about 150 women from three sites that were all different ages and in different stages in their life. Our associates loved sitting with people from different locations but with whom they were close in age (Debbie recommended this as part of the interactive workshop). During the discussion sections of Debbie’s workshop, the women talked and connected with each other so well, that I know some tables of women plan on getting together after this event.

She not only personalized her workshop to include specific benefits NIBCO offers but we purchased her book and she signed them all before she came that day. She also stayed and if any of the women wanted, she would personalize their book for them, as requested.

Debbie really helped make our International Women’s Day celebration great!


Ashley Martin
Director of Distribution and Transportation at NIBCO

More Client Feedback

International American Water Works Association

To Whom It May Concern,

I have had the pleasure of working with Ms. Debbie Lessin this past June on developing a Women’s Networking Event entitled “Setting Priorities for Life” at our International American Water Works Association annual conference in Chicago, Illinois. The American Water Works Association is the largest professional association serving drinking water professionals.

Through an interactive, skills-building workshop format, Debbie guided approximately 70 participants towards developing a personal plan for establishing balance. Debbie worked with our committee to tailor her Life is A Balance Act workshop to our specific event and it was well received by the participants.

I would recommend Debbie to other groups looking to offer participants a fresh approach to improving their personal and professional lives through thoughtful evaluation and planning


Carla Schumacher Carla Schumacher
Co-Chair, ACE10 Women’s Networking Event

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